Stay In Shape For The Holidays!

Did you know the average weight gain during the holidays is 5 pounds or more?

People work so hard throughout the year trying to keep that nasty weight off by eating healthy and exercising so why stop it all over the Christmas holiday season???

People naturally have a tendency to start eating and drinking way more then they would on any other time of the year. Between the drinking, the extra calories, the poor food choices, the different social events ect., the end result never ends good.

I am here to give you some healthy tips on how to make your holiday season enjoyable yet still staying on track with your fitness goals and not letting them go to waste and having to restart them January.

    1. Never go to a holiday social hungry. Have a light meal before leaving the house and drink lots of water to keep you feeling full. You will eat much less if you are not starving walking in the door.
    2. Bring a healthy dish with you to a social event. You never know if there will be healthy food options when you go out. If you bring your own healthy dish, you know that you have sometime healthy to munch on during the event. Veggies with dip or salsa are always a great option.
    3. Try to stick to protein and vegetables for your meal rather then high starchy carbs or sugary foods.
    4. Skip or limit your alcohol intake. If at a social event, try to have only 1/2 – 1 glass of wine and then drink plenty of water. You could also use flavoured water in a wine glass as well.
    5. Exercise during the holiday. Try to stay on your routine as much as possible. If you are eating or drinking extra calories, at least try to burn them off with some exercise. This will also help prevent you from feeling guilty for indulging over the holidays a bit.
    6. Ignore the pressure from friends and family to drink or eat desert or try this food ect. You are the one with the fitness goals so be strong and remind yourself why you are doing what you do.
    7. Don’t let one bad meal trigger a week of binging and eating bad. One day is okay but one week is not. Have your day and move on with the rest of your week continuing to eat healthy and exercise regularly.
    8. Don’t feel guilty: Christmas is a time to enjoy and spend it with your loved ones. Indulge a little and love it then back at it tomorrow. Don’t feel bad for one day of fun. Life is too short and remember how hard you work 11 months out of the year.

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