Cocunut Oil – The Super Food

Coconut Oil is one of the only saturated fats that is considered good for us and has many health benefits to including it into our diets.

Coconut oil is considered a “superfood” due to its powerful medicinal properties.

Below are a list of health benefits of Coconut Oil:

1) increases energy which helps you burn more fat
2) Increases immune system
3) Kills hunger which makes you eat less
4) The fatty acids in Coconut oil is turned into ketones, which helps reduce seizures
5) Improves Blood Cholesterol
6) Lowers the risk of heart disease
7) Great for you skin, hair and nails
8) Boosts brain function in Alzheimer’s patients
9) Helps with fat loss especially in the mid section area

Try adding coconut oil into your diet to experience some of these wonderful health benefits.

I recommend buying the organic virgin coconut oil rather than the refined stuff.

Feel free to email me anytime with any fitness or diet related questions. I am here to help =)

Amanda Robar, PTS, PFS

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