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“Let’s make fitness a lifestyle, not a quick fix.”

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 Devyn Hall-Pierre

I’ve been working out here for almost 2 years now doing the boot camps and have seen crazy results, in strength and muscle gain as well as weight loss. What I love most about boot camps here is that they’re smaller classes, allowing trainers to still give assistance and direction to each client throughout the workout if needed. The trainers are all helpful, motivating and knowledgeable!


 Darcy Haupt 

I have been working with Amanda for 6 weeks now and I have seen tremendous results in the muscle mass that I have gained while training with her and fellow staff members. The positive environment and kindness I have received have had a positive effect on how I view myself and my will to succeed. Not only does this training help now, by gaining the muscle I need for junior A hockey, the knowledge and workouts I have been exposed to can be carried on as I continue to train during the season. I have gained 10 pounds of muscle and am feeling more confident with my new sense of strength. Thank you, Amanda and crew!

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Wayne Thiessen

I joined Premium Personal Training March 2017 with the goal of getting in better shape, and hopefully lose a little weight. I started out twice a week at boot camp, gained a little momentum!

In October I got more serious! With the help of Payge, I started boot camp 3/4 times per week, but more importantly, I started my food journal, writing down everything I ate and having Payge critique every 2 weeks. Magically the weight started disappearing. I learned to eat much more healthy than ever before!Read

During the month of December, Premium PT held a fitness challenge and I worked out doing something every day for 31 days! So here we are in March 2018, one year later and I’ve successfully reached my target weight having lost 70 lbs in a year!

Now I’m into maintenance mode, although I don’t need the journal, having kept one for 3 months I know when, and what to eat to stay fit and healthy. Let’s check back in a year to see if I’ve maintained my goal weight!


Allyssa Simon

Amanda has changed my life! I have been regularly coming to premium personal training for about a year now and I have truly fallen in love with fitness! I’ve struggled with my weight for basically my entire life and could not find the right activity that kept me motivated. I tried everything from signing up to the big corporate gyms, different fitness classes, and trying to do home workouts.Read

I would end up getting bored, making excuses, or just getting fed up because I wasn’t losing weight fast enough. Amanda creates such an amazingly positive atmosphere and takes the time to get to know each of her clients on a personal level to make sure they stay motivated and committed. When I first started coming to see Amanda I was at my lowest point. I had gained 30 pounds, and could barely walk up the stairs without being out of breath. I mean, I am 22 years old and the fact that It had gotten down to that really scared me. Amanda took extra attention to me when I first started making sure my form was correct, looking over food journals, explaining proper nutrition to me, and always touching base to make sure I’m meeting my goals. I’ve come a long way this past year, and I honestly couldn’t have done it without Amanda keeping me accountable! Thank you so much, Amanda!!!

Melissa Pizzardi Testimonial for Premium Personal Training

Melissa Pizzardi

With my wedding day only six weeks away and a very expensive wedding dress that wouldn’t go past my knees, I finally came to the realization that this time I couldn’t lose the weight on my own. Despite all the courage I managed to conjure up to make the call I couldn’t help but be afraid, I knew how terrible my health was and how painful this was going to be that this was the only way I could reach my goal.

When Amanda answered the phone in a bright and cheery voice my anxiety immediately dropped 10 levels.

I explained the severity of the situation to her as calmly as I could, Amanda did not have one ounce of uncertainty in her voice and quickly had me in for a consultation. The consultation was extremely eye-opening but as self-conscious (and giggly) as I was, I felt so motivated and pumped to get started. Amanda quickly had me on a 5-day program, she created a meal plan for me and patiently answered all my ignorant food questions.

The atmosphere at Premium was always a private, positive and comfortable safe place, never have I ever felt intimidated or embarrassed while training. I am free to be as I am and can always count on Amanda and her team to be encouraging and insightful.

Needless to say, I got my wedding dress on! I dropped 20 lbs, 3 dress sizes and 8 inches, I have never had so many compliments on how great my butt looks!!

Today, 10 months later I continue to train at Premium. Amanda’s love for fitness has rubbed off on me and I could not imagine my mornings without a boot camp or personal training session. I am the happiest, strongest, firmest and most confident I have ever been and it’s all thanks to Premium!

Cam Allan Testimonial

Cam Allan

It’s never too late for us older Guys and Gals. I am 61 years old and have many of the usual afflictions typical of other men my age, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol and Type II Diabetes, largely to do with being overweight and a sedentary lifestyle. In addition, I had a hip replaced in 2013 and Rotator Cuff surgery on my right shoulder from an old hockey injury.

In February of 2015 after being notified of my Type 2 diabetes blood sugar count rising despite my modified diet its seemed I was destined to have to increase insulin dosages from the maximum daily oral prescription to possibly have you use more dramatic solutions.Read

At this point, I was feeling pretty down about my worsening condition as diabetes can be a declining proposition. I guess at that point I thought I would take the advice of my doctor and the Diabetes Clinicians and get off my ass in an attempt to fend off later life immobilities.

I considered joining one of the many fitness clubs in the area but in the back of my mind, I was worried that I would drop out of the routine necessary to have a measurable impact and change in my life. After several weeks of searching, I was introduced to Amanda and PPT. Immediately I felt at ease and after going through an extensive interview, setting goals and objectives, we began.

My objectives were around increasing to substantial levels, my cardio activities as well as overall strength training with the end goal of reshaping my body, losing some weight that would give me the profile I was looking for, and finally to feel better and more energetic.

The first few months were tough and many times I felt it wasn’t possible, three times a week didn’t seem enough, but Amanda kept re-assuring me that she could see improvements, physically and mentally. I had an appointment with my Doctor coming up 2-3 months after I began my program and blood work was necessary as I was constantly being monitored. To my surprise and excitement, the results were almost unbelievable. My blood pressure had dropped to normal levels for my age, my blood sugar was down to the point where we cut the dosage in half and my cardio had helped both my energy level and stamina and other critical markers.

Since then I have increased my stress loads, strength training, endurance, cardio and my enthusiasm for health. My attention to my diet is much better, and yet, I can still occasionally indulge in some of life’s guilty pleasures. All in all, PPT and Amanda’s staff have given me the confidence and support to continue my physical fitness well into the future, maybe into my 80’s.

My wife too has benefitted from PPT and is on a regular fitness program, Thanks to Kristina, Jessica and of course Amanda for believing in me/us.

Melissa Ferraro Testimonial for Premium Personal Training in Newmarket

Melissa Ferraro

I gained 45 pounds during pregnancy and had to have an emergency c section. I was very nervous to start working out after a major surgery. At 6 weeks I was cleared to work out and after 2 months of Amanda training me, I was almost back to my original size. Now after 6.5 months of training with Amanda I am much stronger, smaller and more fit than before I got pregnant.
The best trainer I have ever worked with!!!! Thank you for giving me my confidence back and pushing me to surpass my goals.

Janice Squires Testimonial

Janice Squires

Great place to train! I love the small gym atmosphere and personal attention. I’ve been training here over a year now and can’t say enough about the entire team. As a 49-year-old woman trying to stay in shape and keep off the extra pounds, Mike has created workouts that are perfect for me. He pushes me when I need it most!! I have gotten stronger and stronger and have been amazed at what I’ve been able to do with the right guidance. Thank you!!!

I decided to go join a gym in spring of 2015 that’s when I found Premium Personal Training & Boot Camps. I thought it would be great to have a Personal Trainer and so I started training with Amanda. I trained with her for 8 months and I have been training with Michael now for 10 months. Amanda and Michael were superb, helpful and professional in helping me figure out my body, my fitness goals and designed workout plans tailored towards my specific fitness goals. Read

They are great at listening and best choosing the right training for you. I needed a serious butt kicking in my life and they were the ones to do that!
They are the perfect mix of tough and encouraging and can help anyone of all fitness levels. They are incredibly knowledgeable, and have a wonderful personality, and will push you beyond your mental and physical limits. There’s no question that they know exactly how to train you to get the most out of your body, mind, and soul. The best part about working with them is that they are fun and always insightful. They keep me laughing and they add a fun element to every workout to keep me motivated.
If you are looking for a trainer that is not intimidating but still pushes you to succeed, Premium Personal Training is your answer.
I typically hate gyms since I get intimidated so easily, but this facility, the trainers/staff, and the overall experience has had such a positive outcome for me. I will remain a client here for years to come.


Paul Richardson

Amanda and Jessica. What can I say? Here are 2 awesome trainers working at the same facility providing amazing workouts. A very professional work ethic, with a great deal of emphasis placed on form when lifting and stretching. I have been with Premium Personal Training and Boot Camps for several months now and the overall improvements to my body and mind are great. Being middle-aged and out of shape lead to more aches and pains then I wanted, so as I got into better shape I definitely noticed fewer aches and pains, greater mobility Read

and generally felt better. Following the provided meal and snack plan was not as hard as I had anticipated.

The atmosphere is very relaxed and motivating with quotes on the walls to let you know anything is possible. You can immediately tell that Amanda and Jessica love to be in the fitness field, their energy and enthusiasm towards your goals and life, in general, is palatable. There is never a dull moment, the conversation is easy and the music to work out to is tailored to the clients liking. What more do you need.*


Jenna Rainey

I am a tall and curvy girl that has always been active but has also always struggled with a few extra pounds. I have tried a couple of fitness programs and boot camps in the past and usually saw the very minimal 5lb lose, got my hopes up but then was stuck in weight loss limbo. I would lose interest and then I would start making excuses and that would be the end of that.

The day I found out I was pregnant was the happiest day of my life. The first thought in my head was of course “yay!! baby!!” and then I thought I finally have an excuse toRead

sit and lounge around and eat whatever wanted to because I was pregnant. No one would dare say anything about gaining weight to an emotional mom to be. Days went by and I talked to more and more moms and the most common thing I heard about was the amount of weight they gained and how they could never get that mommy weight off no matter what they did. The more I thought about it, the more unhappy I felt about the inevitable weight gain. I thought to myself if I was already unhappy with the extra 20lbs I had to lose now, how would I feel giving birth and having an extra 20-60lbs to lose on top of that. I told my fiance my thoughts and he just wanted me to be happy and just like it was meant to be, he mentioned that a girl he went to school with had just opened her new gym and was certified in pre and postnatal fitness programs.

I talked with my doctor about working out during my pregnancy and she was a little hesitant but I had done some research about being active during pregnancy and found only positive results if done safely. I was eight weeks pregnant when I made an appointment to meet with Amanda and have a consult. Amanda was very thorough and really knew what she was talking about. she went over specific things about working out during pregnancy, it didn’t just feel like a generic “get to know you and your fitness goals” talk. She was very friendly and really seemed like she loved being a personal trainer. I felt welcomed into her studio and could already tell that we wouldn’t just have a regular trainer/trainee relationship. I felt comfortable and knew that I would finally enjoy working out and would feel good about what I was doing for myself and my baby.

The initial baseline workout was tough, I had never felt this bad of a burn from just doing some lunges, squats, push-ups, and sit-ups but I wasn’t going to give up this time. I was committed to staying active and healthy during my pregnancy. I knew that my baby and I would reap the benefits of this momentary pain.

I started seeing Amanda twice a week and felt the best I had felt in a very long time, even being pregnant. I breezed through my first trimester with no morning sickness or any other usual symptoms. I felt energetic and always looked forward to my workouts with Amanda. All my workouts mainly consisted of body weight exercises that really targeted my legs and upper body, because I was pregnant I couldn’t do many of the traditional core workouts but that didn’t stop Amanda from making me do a lot of planks!

By the end of pregnancy, I had only gained 10lbs, I was ecstatic because I felt such a difference in my body. I could see definition and tone in my legs and arms. I was so happy with the results. During my times with Amanda, she would also remind me about my breathing and how to use it to push through the pain of an exercise and that piece of advice stuck with me through my labor and delivery. I felt great right after the birth of my daughter and I can definitely say Amanda had a huge part in that. And the icing on the cake was that I had actually lost 30lbs, (the 10 that I had gained during my pregnancy and 20 of my pre-pregnancy weight).

Two months after my daughter was born I was back at Amanda’s working out. I didn’t make any excuses, my daughter would have to come with me for the hour most times but Amanda and her new employee Jess loved getting to see her. They made it easy to transition back into working out. I have nothing but good things to say about premium personal training. Amanda made my pre and post natal body feel great. I have never had such great results in any fitness program that I have done. She really knows what she’s doing and you can tell she loves what she does and the feeling she gets when she has such a positive impact on peoples lives.*


David Molella

I’ve been training with Amanda for almost a year, her commitment and dedication toward me has allowed me to achieve results that I have never experienced before. Her focus on my goals has kept me focused throughout the year. With my busy work and travel schedule it is very difficult to stay on a specific routine, however, Amanda makes sure we stick to the program and keeps my goals at the forefront.

I look forward to continuing to train at Premium Personal Fitness with Amanda and the wonderful staff that she has working there!*


Tyler Richardson

I’ve been going to premium personal training for over a year now and had an amazing experience so far. The trainers have allowed me to push myself to achieve my goals where I would not have done so on my own. I’ve lost over 30lbs during the year and increased my overall strength, flexibility, and endurance. Everyone at the gym is very friendly and motivates each other to success! I am looking forward to pushing myself in the months to come to go even further towards my goals at this gym!*


Kimberly Peace

Push you to empower and reach your goal. This lady has the expertise to pick your bum up off the floor, tame those wagging triceps and slim up that tummy. And. a smarty pants in nutrition! Seriously…why are you waiting! Call her..Now*


Holly Roberts

After four months of training with Amanda, I have never felt better.

I have never taken part in a training program before and was very unsure of what to expect. I have had gym memberships and participated in fitness classes, but “Boot Camp” training was very intimidating. My daughter encouraged me to give it a try with her and I am glad I did.Read

For six weeks I trained with Amanda where she kept a very close eye on me making sure I was doing all of the exercises properly, very attentive to correcting my posture and stance helping me to feel confident in myself before I tried her Boot Camp classes.

Not only did we work on my fitness level, she worked around an injury I have had for several months, strengthening my affected muscles slowly and effectively until my injury has completely healed.

Amanda has encouraged me to work at my own level, listening to my body and doing what I can. My overall fitness level has improved 100%. For every exercise, she offers all of her clients’ options for their level of fitness. Never discouraging, always encouraging.

Amanda’s classes are fast paced and challenging. I have never experienced a repeat class but all exercises are very familiar and we are always reminded of proper execution. She reads her clients and will quickly adjust her program should the need arise. We are left to decide what is best for us and never pushes us harder than we can personally go, but always encourages us to push ourselves to our personal best.

Amanda is very knowledgeable as a personal trainer, offering a full range of expertise in a healthy lifestyle.

If you are looking for an enthusiastic hardworking dedicated personal trainer I would highly recommend giving Amanda a call. There is never a dull moment in any of her classes.*


Lillian Gal

Premium Personal Training is fantastic, Amanda is great, super down to earth, motivational, flexible and realistic. Being at the gym has been torture in the past, not fun and honestly painful, Amanda made it fun and offered something new every session – I am never bored training and things are always changed up and kept fresh. Going to the gym is fun and I look forward to it. Thanks to the help and support of Amanda and Premium Personal Training I have lost 14 pounds in only 2 months. Read

Best training experience I have had, I recommend PPT to anyone interested in quality fitness – My results and satisfaction speak for themselves.*

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Nicole Bogart

I’ve been taking part in Amanda’s boot camp program for eight months now and I couldn’t imagine seeing better results with any other trainer. Amanda is a motivational, flexible and hardworking trainer that never fails to keep each participant’s goals in mind when designing programs. With her help, I’ve lost two dress sizes and seen incredible changes in my body.Read

Before doing boot camp I was lacking the motivation to work out on my own – now boot camp is one of my favourite parts of the day.

Amanda is the perfect trainer for beginners and experts alike, with an amazing attitude and friendly smile. She is always there for her clients, no matter what the question.*

Greg G.

I have been training with Premium PT & Boot Camps for six months or so. I have been really enjoying my training sessions with Amanda. She teaches me a lot about proper form and technique. My main goal was to build muscle and within the six month period, I have seen huge results both with strength and muscle gains. I have put on 15 pounds so far training consistently 4 days/week. Read

She has also put me on a great diet plan where my body is getting enough calories and nutrients throughout the day. It doesn’t just stop here. I will be continuing to train hard with Amanda until I reach my end goal and then some. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone*

Alana V.

Working out with Amanda has completely helped me change my lifestyle around! She helps keep me motivated, even when we’re not working out, and makes the workouts fun and diverse! I’ve never been into healthy living and keeping active, but Amanda has changed my view on so much, and that I am so grateful for! Read

Working out with Amanda and all the other amazing, inspirational group members is now one of the things I look most forward to each week! I would recommend to anyone, male or female of any age or fitness level who are looking for a fun, positive environment with amazing workouts and just as amazing results!*

Shelly Quick

What I love about Amanda’s Bootcamp are a number of things…

1. Variety of activities…it’s never the same workout twice and keeps it interesting.

2. Facilities and equipment…it’s a nice change of scenery to exercise outdoors in the summer season and Amanda has a full suite of equipment available to suit all levels of strength and skill for each individual.Read

3. Program flexibility…Amanda has the expertise to adjust the prescribed exercise to suit any physical limitations or injuries.

4. Attitude and qualifications…Amanda is a fully certified professional and careful to correct any movements that are prone to injury and her attitude is very encouraging, supportive and she provides personal attention to improve form, technique, and efficiency.

5. Eating plans…Amanda is very knowledgeable about healthy eating and offers eating plans and suggestions.

6. Communication and punctuality…I’m not sure how she keeps track of everything in her insane schedule, but she is always punctual and great at communicating and getting agreement on any schedule changes.

7. FUN…not only is Amanda good at making you sweat, we all actually have plenty of good laughs along the way!  It’s about as fun as exercise can get…try it out and you will see for yourself!*

Jessica Murphy

I have been training on and off with Amanda for a few years and she is amazing! I just experienced her home gym personal training and it was awesome! So much fun! I feel so comfortable with her and love the home gym as opposed to a big gym. Seeing results in my muscle tone already after only a month of consistent training :D*

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After having spent the last 3 months in personal training, box jumping, throwing 25lb balls in the air and planking until I was a wobbly board, I can honestly say that ive come out a better me then going in.
I’ve always hated exercise; gym classes in school I would go to the bathroom to change, then idly watch and faintly participate as others flew and speed past me. I wanted to join, but my body  said no. or so I thought. Since committing to premium personal training, I began to start liking, then started loving exercising!Read
At first, I wanted to throw in the towel and be done with “exercise and healthy living”. “How do people do this? WHY would people do this to themselves?!” I asked frequently within the first weeks, but as I went along, I kept the notion of persistence and not giving up. I knew that the key to results and a better you is to keep going, and not to give up if I don’t see results within a week. Persistence and time. A patient go-geter if you will is the key to results.
So I started pushing myself more and more and so did Amanda Robar as the exercises got harder and harder. It can’t get much worse then what your experiencing, because if you’re giving it your all, just keep up that pace. If you can last 10 seconds, what’s another 10 seconds, right? Rinse and repeat. It’s an hour out of your life that will change the rest of your life. Scientifically, exercising releases endorphins and adrenaline that stimulate your brain to feel joy and happiness. After working out, I would feel great and throughout the months, I became less stressed and less anxious, which in turn would lessen my feeling for “cravings” that I would feel when upset or distressed. The added diet plan also greatly helped in my appetite and eating habits. I had no idea what I should be eating, other then what I’ve heard “eat healthy!”. Yes. But what does that mean? How often? How much? What kinds of nutrition? Carbs, protein, sugar, fats? What do I do with them all and when!?. The diet plan provided gave me all of these answers, and to my surprise, helped me in losing the weight/inches whilst keeping me full and satisfied in my meals and food choices.
Before any exercise, I started out at 160lbs. When starting personal training, I was 155lbs (I had fluctuated between these two weights for years). By the end of three months, I had gone down to 146lbs, but that’s not why I was excited. I had also lost 6inches around my waist and 3inches around my hips. I lost fat and gained muscle in the process. I felt like a glass of liquid with one consistent volume, but a different drink inside. Imagine starting out with milk; someone drinks the milk with a straw, slowly draining the milk while simultaneously adding orange juice. The volume displaced would be replaced, but with a different item. This is the weirdest and best way I could describe the loss of fat with the replacement of muscle. The scale didn’t say much, but the change was very noticeable.
Now, I go to the gym regularly, eat healthy and properly, and am continuing with the great habits that were started with personal training, and am feeling great! I couldn’t be happier with my results or with my trainer Amanda Robar! *