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Private Gym in East Gwillimbury - Melissa Pizzardi testimonial for Premium Personal Training in NewmarketAt Premium Personal Training, we focus on our clients form and technique, ensuring they are getting the full benefits of their training session. We are a Private Gym in East Gwillimbury.  We use a variety of training techniques depending on our client’s fitness goals and current fitness level, which makes every work out unique, dynamic and of course a fun learning experience for the client.

  • Long Term Health Benefits

  • Friendly, Comfortable Atmosphere

  • We Guarantee You Results When You Stick With Us

We will show you the correct way to reduce body fat, increase lean muscle mass and improve performance. After every work-out, you will leave the session feeling stronger and more confident than before you walked in.

“You will reach your GOALS 3x faster with a Personal Trainer than on your own.”

Let’s Make 2017 the Best Year Yet, and Reach Those Fitness Goals Once and for all! Private Gym in East GwillimburyClick here to contact us today and learn how we can work with you to reach your fitness goals.

* We will customize and tailor the programs based on your specific fitness goals and current fitness level.

* Prevent injury- We will show you the proper form, technique & intensity that is suitable for you and your goals

Before and After weight loss from Private Gym in East Gwillimbury* Variety- We will prevent your body from plateauing in order to reach your end fitness goal. Adding variety to the program will also prevent you from feeling bored with your work outs.

* Accountability- We will hold you accountable to your training sessions. There will be no excuse to miss that sweat session in the gym.

* Motivation- We will help keep you motivated and inspired throughout your fitness journey. We will not let you give up and we

* Will help push you toward those goals that you never thought were possible.

* We can work will all shapes, sizes, genders, age groups, and limitations due to previous injuries or illnesses.

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