Aziza – A Success Story

At Premium Personal Training we love a good success story.  While we love to give nutrition advice and overall health tips, a client success story is our favourite form of motivation.  This story is about Aziza – a client dedicated to changing her life and her transformation was remarkable!  Aziza never waivered in her ultimate goal of a healthier lifestyle and here is her story.

“After having spent the last 3 months in personal training, box jumping, throwing 25lb balls in the air and planking until I was a wobbly board, I can honestly say that i’ve come out a better me then going in. 

I’ve always hated exercise; gym classes in school I would go to the bathroom to change, then idly watch and faintly participate as others flew and speed past me. I wanted to join, but my body said no. or so I thought. Since committing to premium personal training, I began to start liking, then started loving exercising! At first, I wanted to throw in the towel and be done with “exercise and healthy living”. “How do people do this? WHY would people do this to themselves?!” I asked frequently within the first weeks, but as I went along, I kept the notion of persistence and not giving up. I knew that the key to results and a better you is to keep going, and not to give up if I don’t see results within a week. Persistence and time. A patient go-geter if you will is the key to results.

So I started pushing myself more and more and so did Amanda Robar as the exercises got harder and harder. It can’t get much worse then what your experiencing, because if you’re giving it your all, just keep up that pace. If you can last 10 seconds, what’s another 10 seconds, right? Rinse and repeat. It’s an hour out of your life that will change the rest of your life. Scientifically, exercising releases endorphins and adrenaline that stimulate your brain to feel joy and happiness. After working out, I would feel great and throughout the months, I became less stressed and less anxious, which in turn would lessen my feeling for “cravings” that I would feel when upset or distressed. The added diet plan also greatly helped in my appetite and eating habits. I had no idea what I should be eating, other then what I’ve heard “eat healthy!”. Yes. But what does that mean? How often? How much? What kinds of nutrition? Carbs, protein, sugar, fats? What do I do with them all and when!?. The diet plan provided gave me all of these answers, and to my surprise, helped me in losing the weight/inches whilst keeping me full and satisfied in my meals and food choices.

Before any exercise, I started out at 160lbs. When starting personal training, I was 155lbs (I had fluctuated between these two weights for years). By the end of three months, I had gone down to 146lbs, but that’s not why I was excited. I had also lost 6inches around my waist and 3inches around my hips. I lost fat and gained muscle in the process. I felt like a glass of liquid with one consistent volume, but a different drink inside. Imagine starting out with milk; someone drinks the milk with a straw, slowly draining the milk while simultaneously adding orange juice. The volume displaced would be replaced, but with a different item. This is the weirdest and best way I could describe the loss of fat with the replacement of muscle. The scale didn’t say much, but the change was very noticeable.

Now, I go to the gym regularly, eat healthy and properly, and am continuing with the great habits that were started with personal training, and am feeling great! I couldn’t be happier with my results or with my trainer Amanda Robar!”

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