Premium Personal Training is now offering TRX Suspension Training. We offer it in all of our Personal Training Programs and Boot Camps Programs.

Team or Group Training Memberships at Premium Personal Training

Personal Training Memberships at Premium Personal Training in Newmarket

Health and fitness has had such a positive impact on my life over the past ten years that I am here to share my passion for health and fitness with others in hope that I can help change their lives in the same way it has changed mine.

At Premium Personal Training in Newmarket we offer a few different packages to suit your fitness goals.  Click here to contact us today or call 905.392.0708 at anytime to discuss your fitness goals and find out how we can help you achieve them!

Our team or group personal training packages include so many great bonuses and are so much more than just working out with a personal trainer.  They are listed below our packages.

Team or Group Personal Training Membership Packages
2+ People (1 hour sessions)

One time only-Intro TT Package: $225 ($75/hr)

3, 1 hour Team Personal Training Sessions including initial consultation.

Platinum Membership ($80/hr)

Up to 4 Team Training Sessions/week-$1280 ($640 pp)

Gold Membership ($90/hr)

Up to 3 Team Training Sessions/week-$1080 ($540 pp)

Silver Membership ($95)

Up to 2 Team Training Sessions/week-$760 ($380 pp)

Bronze Membership ($100)

Up to 1 Team Training Sessions/week- $400 ($200 pp)

We want you to get into the best shape of your life, feel great and be healthy.  Get in touch with us today, we promise you will love it!

Click here to contact us today or call 905.392.0708

All Memberships Include:

1)    Personal or Team Training sessions.
2)    Diet Program and diet counseling along the way.
3)    6 week progress reports.
4)    Water & Towel service.
5)    1 Boot Camp class per week.
6)    4 yoga classes per month.
7)    Discounts at local stores. (ask about stores and locations)
8)    Bring a friend passes to the studio.

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** All packages exclude HST **