Yoga Classes in Newmarket at Premium Personal Training

Come out to stretch and strengthen on the mat.
Every Sunday with Debbie Robar.

Hatha Yoga: Sunday’s at 11 am

“If its important to you, you will find a way. If not, you will find an excuse. Is your health important to you?”

All levels welcome. Debbie Robar, Certified Yoga Instructor.

Debbie Robar Yoga Classes in Newmarket at Premium Personal TrainingDebbie’s practice began at age sixteen while recovering from a serious spinal injury. On a path to both physical and emotional recovery she immediately developed passion and dedication.

After a few years Debbie earned her teaching credentials through Frog Lotus International in Costa Rica.  She now carries additional certifications in Pilates, Rainbow Kids Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage, Usui Reiki and the list continues to grow.

She has trained with advanced and inspirational instructors such as Vindya Heisel, Annie Carpenter and Tiffany Cruickshank.  Debbie works with students of all ages and levels.

Her goal as an instructor is to help students find contentment and bliss through their on mat experience while encouraging students to embrace each and every step of the journey.


1) increase flexibility
2) builds muscle
3) better posture
4) prevents joints and cartilage from breaking down especially as we age
5) better bone health
6) great for your heart as it increases during your yoga session
7) boosts immune system
8) drops your blood pressure
9) decreases stress levels
10) makes you happier
11) helps you focus
12) improves your balance
13) better sleep
14) lowers blood sugar levels
15) prevents digestive issues
16) increases your self esteem
17) increases strength (inner and outer)
18) decreases pain in the body
19) prevents allergies and sinus problems
20) supports your connective tissue

Come join Debbie Robar every Sunday at 11 am and experience these wonderful benefits to yoga.

See you all on the mat!


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