Enrica Personal Trainer at Premium Personal Training in Newmarket Ontario. Fitness and weight loss as well as boot camps for men and women offered.

Enrica, Personal Trainer

I have always been involved in sports ever since I could remember mainly volleyball, basketball and track and field. Sports have always been important to me and as I got older health and fitness became more of a passion and avenue to explore for a career.

I attended the Australasian College of Natural Therapies in Sydney, Australia and graduated with my Certificate III and IV in Fitness. I have been working in several environments ranging from studios, commercial gyms, mobile training and recreational centers. I had a growing interest in injuries, injury prevention and treatment so I obtained a position as a Physiotherapist Assistant in a very busy clinic in Newmarket. My knowledge of the human body is expanding and making me a well versed trainer for my clients.

I love being in this field because this is where my passion lies. I love to teach others about health and fitness, so that they can achieve their goals and understand how to do so. I strongly believe knowledge is power no matter what you are working towards.

My Experience

I first started out as a trainer after I had trained with one myself. I then received my Can Fit Pro certification and quickly went to work. I fully immersed myself into the field and I loved every minute of it. I then decided I want more knowledge and what better place to go then Australia! I packed my bags and up I went. I studied for 2 years at the Australasian College of Natural Therapies where I met people from all over the world all sharing the same interest. All our teachers were of different backgrounds so it brought different insight from different professions on how to train, what to train and why to train and mainly how the body functioned. Following graduation, I began working in a recreational centre; I was a mobile trainer and later landed a position in a private studio. My dreams all came true, with hard work, blood, sweat and tears I had achieved the goals I had set out for myself.


  • Certificate III & IV Fitness, Australasian College of Natural Therapies
  • Kettlebell Certified, Kettlebell Institute Australia
  • Punchfit Certified, Punchfit Australia
  • First Aid, CPR C and Health Care Provider Certified

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My beliefs

What I have learned over the years through training and through life experience, is to continually set goals for myself, short and long, but realistic ones.   Next step is to have a game plan, and go forward.  It’s all about the journey, the result will be wonderful, but to focus on the present as you work your way to your goal.  There will always be bumps and obstacles, but if this is something you want, you will push through.

Passion for fitness

Some people like to read but for me my passion is training.  I like to switch up what I do or how I train as I like change and variety and overall it is FUN challenging myself.  I also love cooking so a perfect day to me is waking up, training hard and coming back home to take my time to make a great meal.  That’s my passion, that’s my hobby it may not be for everyone but it is where I feel my best is when I have a sweat going, or some serious flavours brewing over the stove!