Drew Fisher

While pursuing a career in professional wrestling I became heavily involved in fitness as a teenager. As I started to see changed to my body, I became more motivated than I had ever been. I could not wait to get to the gym every day.

Later on, I decided I wanted a career that could help people the way it helped me. Getting active not only helped me physically but also helped me mentally as well.

I love meeting clients and learning their story. What motivated them to start getting healthy. And if I can be a part of their journey that makes it all the better.


  • ISSA Personal Trainer Certification
  • Can Fit Pro Personal Trainer Specialist
  • First Aid/CPR Certified
  • Can Fit Pro Nutrition and Wellness Specialist
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My Experience

I started personal training way back in 2007 working in both gyms and privately. I have worked with all kinds of different clients over the years which has been both rewarding and challenging.

I have worked with injuries, athletes, weight loss, really any situation you can imagine. I believe working together no matter what your goal, we can do it.